Rushey Mead Foundation

Sabras Bavan - Nagore

The Rushey Mead Foundation is a UK based charity formed in reaction to the devastating earthquake which destroyed much of Bhuj, Gujarat State in India in 2001.
The Foundation is registered as a charity both in the UK and India. The Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan launched the charity in October 2002.

Education is a fundamental right of all children and the primary tool by which they can better themselves and escape the harsh realities of poverty.
All our trustees are volunteers and nobody is employed to do the administration work. So far we have put over 97% of the money collected to the people who need them most on the ground.

The Foundation’s first project was to build a school in a village called Nagor near Bhuj, Gujarat. The school building opened on July 17th and the job now is to sustain the school on a long term basis We also support an education project in Bhuj which encourages children from poor backgrounds who have never sat down in a classroom by running classes in the neighbourhood. 150 children have so far joined mainstream schools through this process.



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